Motorized Products

There have been vast improvements in today’s motorized window treatment systems. Like computer technology, window treatment technology has advanced exponentially over the last 10+ years. Our new systems have the ability to integrate with whole home automation systems and some even have the ability to be accessed anywhere in the world by computer, smart phones and tablets.

Battery-Powered Shades

Our custom motorized roller shades are fitted with a top quality, quiet, reliable battery-powered motor complete with your choice of a solar screen or blackout fabric. The battery-powered option allows for a motorized retrofitted shade in homes where there is no power source near the window.

Customers have the choice of various colours and solar screen openness (1%, 3%, 5%, 10%).

An additional dual shade option is available for customers who require a blackout and sun shade combination.

Our treatments can be remote control or wall switch operated.

A selection of options are available and shades can be independent, grouped or automated.

Batteries can be easily changed and have a life expectancy of two years relative to the frequency of their use.

Our battery wands have the flexibility to accept standard batterry brands.

Solar-Powered Shades

The optional wire-free solar pack, harnesses renewable solar energy to power our wireless window treatments.

The new motor technology is maintenance free and requires no electrician or hardwired power source.

The solar pack reduces battery replacement and preserves the environment.

It can be installed with new shades or retrofitted into existing shades.

The low profile solar panel is discreet and easy to conceal.

Integrated Motorized Shades

Our integrated motorized roller shades can work seamlessly with commercial and home automation systems.

With the touch of a button, shades will raise or lower.

Ideal for boardrooms, projector presentations and home theatre units.

Quiet motors that run smoothly.

Shades come with sun sensor options for automated raising and lowering relative to the suns position or can be set on timers eliminating manual operation.

Treatments can be integrated into iPad, iPod and iPhone devices for touch screen operation.

Other Motorized Products We Offer

Projection screen motorization. We can retrofit our motors into existing projection screens mounted on a tube.

We also sell motorized storm shutters that utilize the Somfy brand motor. The storm shutters can be automated but the motors require a hardwired power source.

Awnings can be motorized and have the potential to be integrated into your home automation system. The motorized awnings only come as a hardwired installation.

Options & Upgrades

We stock radio technology (RF) motors for roller shades.

Our in stock roller shade motors are battery-powered and wire free.

Our RF motors can be integrated into audio visual systems for residential or commercial applications. They can be grouped and set to a preferred setting.

Motorization can be applied to many different types of window treatments. The motors we stock are for roller shades, but we can supply and install motors for all applications, such as 2-inch wooden blinds, roman shades and pleated shades.

Our motors can be retrofitted into existing window treatments reducing the cost to the owner. (A survey of the owner’s blind will need to be conducted to ascertain the compatibility of the motors.)

Installation of our battery-powered shades requires no channeling or chopping and plastering.

Jeffrey & Sons can supply and install your roller blinds within 10 working days of your order’s confirmation.

Solar sensors can be installed and your window treatments can be set to open and close relative to the sun’s meridian location. For example, the shade can be open in the morning and automatically close when the sun comes around in the afternoon.

Treatments can be set on timers for automatic raising and lowering at scheduled times in the days cycle.

We offer a blackout blind option for boardrooms, home theatres and children’s rooms where total light prevention is key.

Also available is our dual shade option for owners who want to have a sun screen for day use and a privacy shade for night use.

Lithium battery pack upgrades are available and extend battery life and operation hours.